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'Through the fire, to the limit...'

I haven't written a blog post in a while on my site...especially in the last month. If you have followed me on other platforms like IG and FB you might have seen that Sept. 8th my boys and I lost our home of 13 years to a devastating fire. It has been the single most traumatic experience that has changed my life forever. I am in an intense state of gratitude because there is so so much to be grateful for. The perspective shift has been hard but also grounding for me. There was stuff I had, I really didn't need. There was a toxic landlord that I really didn't need. The triplex building we lived in was neglected by said landlord which caused the building to be unsafe on so many levels, and this we also did not need.

After the fire, I really saw a full reflection of myself. The space that we lived in, although wonderful and spacious, cheap rent and it was our home, I was making excuses for a place that didn't house us in the way we truly deserved... I mean, it had mold, rat infestation, broken stairs leading out the fire escape and so much more from years of neglect.

It's been a month since the fire and I feel more at peace these days, even though I am learning that grief is a process. A couple friends of mine started a Gofundme for us, feel free to share, we are grateful for the support. If you wish to follow our story and my updates about my situation you can do so here 🙏🏽

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