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Right Beside You show

Tuesday Oct 10th 2023 8pm at #drakeunderground

A poetry jam, a live collaborative flowing experience of poetry-storytelling through live musical stylings and scoring of rap, r&b, soul and jazz to bring an improvised cinematic podcast.

Overlapping community of folks blending together to listen, explore, respond and enjoy the jam session of word, sound and power.

Hosted and led by poet David Delisca, partnering organically with a band of talented instrumentalists and vocalists intersecting with an open mic lineup of poetic guests blending their lyrical literature with musical scoring

A gathering. A showcase. A jam. Where we blend edges and radius Into the spaces in between, Relating through rhyme, reason and rhythm And releasing into the magnitude of the moment.

This live EP of intros, interludes and outros is happening at Toronto's top music venue, The Drake Underground on Tuesday, October 10th at 8pm.

This is Session #6 - Theme: Pressure Made These Diamonds.

Pressure mines the character, somehow sculpts beauty into a prism. We reflect, we refract.

We shine

Guest Band:

Cameron Tinklenberg - Keyboard


Rudy Ray - Trumpet


Anthony Daniel-Congas, Percussion


Aubrey Mcghee - Saxophone


Guest Vocalists:



Chantal Rose @_chantalrose

Martin Gomes @martinpgomes

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