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To our detriment, live music took a long pause since the onset of covid up until earlier this year 2021. Venues that still kept their title and lease throughout the months are opening up and letting in patrons with some gov't restrictions.

I am so so so grateful to be spreading my wings and doing what I love this week! Oct. 6th and 8th I'll be performing in 2 different venues both will be unique, well worth the visit and will have the sweetest vibe you know you've been missing over the year.

Click the links below...hope to see you there!


Wednesay Oct. 6th is an Artery Showcase ...I'll be sharing the night w/ hip hop artist Mer

Friday Oct. 8th at 8:30pm I'll be at The Oud & the Fuzz playing with talented musicians Ben Foran and Mario Allende.

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