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Larry's Folly was a hit! ✨️

It was my first time performing at Larry's Folly located in Parkdale. It's a great neighbourhood that boasts a plethora of vintage clothing stores, artisan bread, cafés...and Larry's Folly is in the mix with its Café by day and bar/ live music spot by night.

Having a show on a hot day meant it will be a later than usual start. When my trio got on the stage, it was definetly the right time. Larry's kept their door open and the music filled this side of Queen West. New and old friends were present and new comers off the street that couldn't help but get a little closer to the music they heard walking by:)

All in all a beautiful night, in a beautiful spot 🖤🎶

Come to the next show at Sofar Toronto May 15th!!!

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