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#TBT Daydreams

Being a daydreamer most days, I find myself in my spare time dreaming up what I want to happen in my future and at times those dreams are reflections of the past.

I thought about how the onset of Covid-19 really pushed musicians and artists alike to find an outlet to express themselves and tell their story just to get through the mundane reality of a lockdown we don't see the end of anytime soon.

Like all small businesses, big businesses, mom and pop shops, artists and the like...we have to pivot to stay connected and engaged with each other. Financial stability was needed but also emotional balance and self care was needed now.

As the pandemic continues, I am hoping for a future where we are free to gather together without worry and to grow our businesses, give each other hugs as often as we need and be free.

A few of these pics are a throwback during the pandemic where I got a chance to perform with other artists online, be on film sets and keep creative juices flowing for inspiration and comfort.

A still from Koffee's Pressure Remix Music video featuring Buju Banton

Grateful to be apart of this beautiful lineup of incredible local artists performing over Zoom

First gig since the pandemic hit...audience of 4...someone's backyard with my guitar venus:)

Nature walks for the lockdown soul

I remember the lockdown was feeling heavy and I needed to create this show playing covers and connecting with others even if it was on social media

Grateful for phenomenal artist Tika Simone who created a series during lockdown called Tika Circle featuring local artists performing 2 songs. She is such a great and generous host and knew this Friday vibe was exactly what our souls needed!

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