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1 year journey

They still don't know the cause and it all just seems a little weird, but I am grateful we are on the better side of the devastation and our bodies are intact, we have each other and we are in a safe space. So much to be grateful for! I truly mean this...When something like a fire taking your home and your posessions, you are left with yourself and a renewed sense of what really matters.

Also not only can contents be replaced but we were forced to let go of "stuff" we truly didn't need. It's also really cool to see that we don't need alot to live on this planet just the essentials. I do like having "things" but acquiring things have a whole new meaning for me and I like that.

My essentials for life and what we should all have ease of access to:

Friends and Family

Water & Food (and by food, I mean fried plantain:)

Shelter and clothing


journal and pen


prayer and optimism


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