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(pssst...more new new music is coming soon k!?)


This song will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the chill that feeling alone in a massive world can often bring. The comfort that self love brings leads to a security one can feel empowered in but it can't replace the need to share space with others and be loved by others. It just comes down to the fact that we need each other. "rescue me, I'll rescue you"


Hi it’s Janïsa here…I will shamelessly say that I possess an immortalized gift of being an infectious singer and performance artist who has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life.  I say this because the art, the soul, the story the politic of song and music, it’s organisms make up the very fibre of my being, I will not try to argue with it, I have tried to resist but its here and it is easier to listen to the voice or else it will haunt me…trust me on this. 


I’ve got this electro soul- honey toned vocal vibe, accented with the full expression of the lyrics I sing. My past iteration was Ania Soul, which was an acoustic soul expression. After a few years hiatus from the music scene, I have returned more rooted and connected to me and my birth name Janisa which rings more true for me. This name sings the songs of a soul whose journey has experienced much with so much more to come.


I will be releasing my debut single ‘lonely’ just in time to rescue the listener if there was any doubt that they were alone in the same feeling and shares this comforting melody on a backdrop of boom bap beats created by my son SelahBeats and further produced by my good friend Kevin Howley.

I have spent the last 10+ years singing at corporate and wedding shows, singing backups and playing synth on occasion for South African/Toronto artist Zaki Ibrahim. Recently I have composed music, performed and narrated for the Mirvish/Factory Theatre production of Salt-Water Moon while pursuing acting. In the coming months, you will be able to catch one of my roles in a full length feature indie film to be released this year 2019.


Upon releasing the single, I have been more liberated expressing my internal depression that lingered over the years as I have coped with being a single mother of two. I’ve had to wear too many hats for this role and thus became too overwhelming to feel love for self. I am thankful to music, talks with good people and therapy that a life line was in reach. Although I have been marginalized and often at a disadvantage with support, this sprouted a need to be an advocate for mothers who are artists, and I have since created The Mother Artist Society in 2017 to bring together self identified woman to congregate, support, express and create- centering on urgency of expression and community. 


So I write songs from a cathartic place as though the pen on paper, the fingers on the keyboard or freestyling lyrics triggers my muscle memory from my past life and those that have come before me; I can’t help but listen, interpret in my own language and share.

The lyrics and melody are tuned into not only my own experiences but connected universally to the human experience. I have learned to tolerate loneliness and isolation in order to find my freedom. There will always be loneliness but it can also be alone time to get in touch with who one is.

So right now I accept what is which is pretty and beautiful in all of its complexity and simplicity and I move with the flow of self expression - my own spiritual renewal. You can follow my journey on all platforms if you like. 






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